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A lawyer is a professional person authorized to practice law; who conducts lawsuits or gives legal advice and will charge for his/her advice... usually an arm and a leg.

At present the natural enemy of the squaddie on tour in dusty and muslimy climes. These soft handed, wine and bree munching learned friends will sit back in their Islington town houses and ponder for a few weeks wither a Righteous Shoeing has been dispensed by a group of outnumbered, poorly supplied Toms ... or wither their collective arrses should be hauled off to The Hague for trial on war crimes.

The very lovely (if you are blind) Cherie Blair, husband of the noted war criminal and 'serial bitch to American presidents' is a lawyer specializing in ripping off the UK taxpayer.

First Against The Wall come the revolution (right after Piers Morgan).

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