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Donnie M Merritt
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LadyNavyVet (aka LNV) was a Moderator of the (now defunct) American website (later renamed to She was also heavily involved with the website. She also served in the US Navy for a whole 2 years, reaching the dizzying rank of Seaman. Bizarrely, this lack of military experience didn't stop her holding forth about anything and everything - and ironically one can see much the same sort of thing occurring among her bitterest enemies on ARRSE!


Perhaps more importantly for the average ARRSEr, LadyNavyVet was a particularly insidious type of troll and member of ARRSE from the early days, who ultimately revealed her true colours and was killed for poor performance as a human being.

The fact was, she was a racist harridan, so spooked by her fear of the Muslimist (sic) hordes besetting the good ole USA, that she believed the only solution was to exterminate them all. This attitude found a few takers on but made her the object of considerable vituperation on the somewhat less rednecked ARRSE.

ARRSE Kills Troll!

In the middle of the ensuing flame war she cashed in her chips. No great loss to the world of international relations, although doubtless her friends and family will miss her. It must be added that she died with her boots on, doing what she loved most: spending thousands of hours making snuffleposts about anything and everything.

She had over 12000 posts on GIJargon when it eventually folded. That is incredibly fucking sad. It should also be noted that she was once popular - but rapidly became tarred with the Blondebint brush - and like she says - mud sticks! Like BB, she threatened legal action (sound familiar folks?) and like BB, it was all bullshit. Perhaps her only saving grace was that at least she didn't claim to be a Regional Representative in the RBL.

Popular legend recounts that she died mid-post, and was found slumped face-down onto the keyboard.

Her death caused about ten minutes of soul searching by some of the wetter members of the site who wondered if they might have contributed to her untimely demise. Her NOK refused Arrse's request for a web-cam at the autopsy, but we did manage to snap up the dribble-soaked keyboard on e-bay. Result.

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