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Labour's election message

The Labour Party

A traditional left of centre political party in the UK.

The Labour Party virtually tore itself apart with bitter infighting after the election defeat of 1979, with hard line socialists trying to subvert the party through Militant Tendency, with unelectable policies on unilateral disarmament, withdrawal from NATO etc.

However, 4 election defeats later, saner heads prevail, the party modernises, reduces the power of the left, removes the unions to arms length and re-brands itself New Labour. All is well for 10 years ... and then it all goes a bit Pete Tong!

See also Neu Arbeit.


The act of working. Something that could cause the benefit chasing, pikey chavs of this country to die of shock ... if forced to actually do some!


In this context labour is the expulsion of a fully formed pad brat from a Pads Wife, this also applies to the appropriate female civilian or pikey chav equivalent.

Women claim that the unique pain of childbirth is like no other, that only other women can understand this, that no man could endure the pain of birth and...Blah blah blah.

But if only women could have stubbed toes or paper cuts I'm sure we would hear the same story about the pain of a paper cut, the agony of a stubbed toe and how no man could endure ... etc etc.

As all men know women just have to relax the ol' Wizard's Sleeve, let gravity do the rest and stop bloody whingeing about it.

Perhaps we should complain more about getting the bollocks stepped on OR trapping the old man in a zip. See if they feel for us ... and mibi stop the whining!