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Late Entry Officers Course*:

Well, the instructions are quite pacific. The per-requisites are:

1. Ruler writing at not less than 10 WPM.

2. The ability to get knife edge creases into a sta-prest George at ASDA suit.

3. The complete inability to select a shirt/tie combination that matches, although "comedy" cartoon ties do score highly.

4. Ownership of at least one pair of slip on shoes, preferably with plastic soles, square toe and/or buckles.

5. Tache & tattoos.

6. Wife to attend parties in dress made from enough shiny material to hide a bridgelayer.

7. Set of golf clubs for important meetings with PSAO & PSI.

8. Permanent pass to go back into the Sergeants' Mess, especially when the Six Nations is on & the rest of the Regiment is working.

A few more perequisites for the rosta:

9. A collection of photographs of a younger, slimmer self as a Corporal with the Company in the drill hall at ENDEX from a BAOR Exercise standing in front of a vertiginous pile of beer, wine, spirit & cigarette cartons brought back in one of the 10 “GD” Bedfords taken from each Coy location.

10. To be fair: the ability to out-run, out-drink, out carry & out-shoot the majority of the young whippersnappers, even when exempt fitness tests or are eligible to be timed using a calendar.

With thanks to The_Duke and Captain Plume

  • any spelling mistakes on this page, may, or may not be corrected on the course ;)