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L2A3 Sterling

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  • Calibre 9 mm
  • Weight 3.5kg(with loaded magazine )
  • Length 710 mm Stock Extended, 485 mm Stock Folded
  • Barrel Length 200 mm
  • Feed 34 round magazine
  • Effective Range 200 m
  • Cyclic Rate of Fire 550 rounds per minute
  • Variants:
    • C1 (Canadian)
    • L34A1 (silenced)
    • Sterling Mk6 (Police)
    • Sterling k7 Para Pistol
    • SAF Carbine 1A (Indian)
    • SAF Carbine 2A1 (Indian with Silencer)
    • FAMAE PAF (Chilean)
    • 7.62 NATO variant fed from L4 Bren magazine
  • Related Development: F1 SMG

9mm SMG, successor to the STEN gun. Known less-than-affectionately as the Small Metal Gun and a horrible piece of tat, especially when combined with the seriously piss-poor ammunition issued in the 80s. A popular sport at the time was to watch the bullet trickle out of the worn-out rifling and plummet to earth somewhere between 10 and 20 metres downrange.

An amusing quirk was the tendency for the thing to go off if dropped. Deeply horrible but, somehow, quintessentially British Army.

Perhaps the best commentary on its popularity can be seen in the fact that given the choice, any soldier worth his salt in the 60s,70s and 80s preferred to carry the much larger, heavier SLR if at all possible, rather than this annoying and pointless piece of junk.

After much use and abuse by the British Army some of these went on to future fame and stardom in the Star Wars movies. They were the firearm of choice for the Imperial troops. Used with the butt folded away and firing lasers they still couldn't hit a target at 5 feet distance.


The original l2aa36ig.jpg

F*cking horrible things. I got back classed because of one.. (Or should that be "I was back classed because of me not the inanimate object that I wasn't switched on enough to figure out"?)

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