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The official designation for the SLR aka Self Loading Rifle


A real rifle, one that's properly Squaddy Proof. A licensed version of the Belgian FN-FAL designated L1A1. Introduced in the late 1950s, early models had wooden furniture. The plastic furniture fitted in the late 1970s (as in accompanying photographs) featured a range of three butt plates of different thicknesses to suit users of different sizes.

A natty trick involving a matchstick let it fire full auto, not forgetting to remove the matchstick before an armourer's inspection. Could also use 30 round mags from the L4 LMG. The cocking handle could be used for taking off beer bottle caps.

The SLR was extremely useful for butt-striking recalcitrant natives/bog trotters, which is not to be confused with butt-stroking, which is something for the Navy. The Australian SASR also used these back in Vietnam, but with the barrels cut shorter for easier movement around thick jungles. They were known as 'The Bitch Gun'. Also to note the Australians made excessive usage of the SLR pistol grip on the F1 submachine gun, foregrips on SLR's and even M60s.



Australia, Canada and New Zealand had a full auto SAW variant instead of the Bren that had a thicker barrel and folding bipod. Still in use today by the Jamaican Defence Force.



The KAL1 General Purpose Infantry Rifle was an Australian bullpup rifle designed in the 1970s for jungle warfare following complaints about the weight and length of the L1A1 SLR rifles then in service with the Australian Army. The design never entered service however, with the bullpup configured, optically sighted 5.56 mm F-88 Austeyr selected instead in 1989.


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