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Knitting Circle

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Group of civilian women who have banded together in an attempt to be lifted out of their council flat existence, by squaddies. Rumours of them all being single mums are greatly under exaggerated. Apparently, one of them is a STAB, but no-one can really tell.

They make the situation worse for themselves by uttering such drivel as:

Yes I know it wouldnt get us anywhere....... I am just angry, and a lot of hot air is being spouted....... I am quite calm now after receiving incoming. Lets hope they take heed of their warnings. Perhaps they are getting the message now that civvies do have as much right to be on the site as they do.

post deleted.... cant be doing with this nastiness.

urgh, shared toilets & showers! i'll come, if i can find a nice warm wee hotel locally that makes a nice brekkie camping...its for gypsies

While having medical listed as her occupation, utters: "What is Ryphonol?" (She can't even spell it right, FFS)

While looking at a picture of a Weapon system, drivels: "Is that a gun? Its bloody huge !!!" I suppose "Wah" would go over your head.

Until recently, have driven the few decent women away from the site. However, they seem to now know their place, and the maidens with a sense of humour are returning.

Are often followed around by a group of even more desperate blokes. They tend to be fat Scaley Backs (enough said) and hypocritical Sweaty Socks.

More accurate information below
  • The Knitting Circle is a genuine group of ARRSE Users who are by no means all female.
  • The membership list is a closely guarded secret but some well known ARRSE Users are almost certainly members and it is entirely possible that Abacus is a senior post holder of this particular club.
  • The arcane rituals by which the King of the Knitting Circle is installed are known only to the innermost circle of the Knitting Circle.
  • The 2IC is a Fang_Farrier allegedly. (A fang farrier, not THE Fang Farrier) (Also allegedly)
  • Nor is he likely to be.
  • Neither is he likely to become a member of "a certain other" ARRSE Club which has a number of genuinely funny (and a few tough PARA type) ARRSErs as members, some of whom call him "The Mouth" and others of whom call him, "Who?" He is DESPERATE to join this club.
  • Some members of one club are also members of the other - such is the nature of ARRSE.
  • This might explain why StabTiffy2B is the last one in on the joke.
  • The club motto is: Knit one, purl one, knock one out!
All of the above may just be an elaborate wind-up.  
But unless you are in the club you will never know for sure ;)