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King's Division

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Large division based in the North of England. Created in 1968 and variously consisting of:

Regular Army

Territorial Army

  • 1st Battalion, Lancastrian Volunteers [1968-1975]
  • 1st Battalion, Yorkshire Volunteers [1968-1999]
  • North Irish Militia (4th (Volunteer) Battalion, The Royal Irish Rangers) [1968-1992]
  • The Northumbrian Volunteers [1971-1975]
  • 2nd Battalion, Lancastrian Volunteers [1971-1975]
  • 2nd Battalion, Yorkshire Volunteers [1971-1999]
  • 3rd Battalion, Yorkshire Volunteers [1971-1992]
  • 5th (Volunteer) Battalion, The Royal Irish Rangers [1971-1992]
  • 4th (Volunteer) Battalion, The King's Own Royal Border Regiment [1975-1999]
  • 5th/8th (Volunteer) Battalion, The King's Regiment [1975-1999]
  • 4th (Volunteer) Battalion, The Queen's Lancashire Regiment [1975-1999]
  • 4th Battalion, Yorkshire Volunteers [1988-1992]
  • 3rd/4th Battalion, Yorkshire Volunteers [1992-1993]
  • 3rd Battalion, The Prince of Wales's Own Regiment of Yorkshire (Yorkshire Volunteers) [1993-1999]
  • 4th/5th Battalion, The Green Howards (Yorkshire Volunteers) [1993-1999]
  • 3rd Battalion, The Duke of Wellington's Regiment (Yorkshire Volunteers) [1993-1999]
  • The Lancastrian and Cumbrian Volunteers [1999-2006]
  • The Tyne-Tees Regiment [1999-2006]
  • The East & West Riding Regiment [1999-2006]
  • 4th (Volunteer) Battalion, The Yorkshire Regiment [2006-]
  • 4th (Volunteer) Battalion, The Duke of Lancaster's Regiment (King's, Lancashire and Border) [2006-]