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Play that funky music white boy!

Also known as Stalin's Organ <oh big boy!>


Originally a cheap, knock off version of the Wermacht's 6 barrel Nebelwerfer artillery system.

Now while this pile of meccano in the back of a truck was about as accurate as a Labour Party manifesto, four of these were able to deliver about 4 tonnes of HE over 4 football pitches. And in the typical Russian compensation for crap kit ... they used them en mass creating a shock and oh fuck weapon ideal for stunning a defender while you rendered him a shoeing.

Modern Day

The favourite weapon of Hezbollah and Palestinian murdering cnuts ... I'm sorry, in line with BBC policy we have to call them 'freedom fighters'... who lob the things indiscriminately into Israel with the intention of killing civilians (but obviously in a way that enhances freedom).

See also BM-21