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Katherine Jenkins

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Saucy Welsh songstress that's somehow found herself branded the 'Forces' Sweetheart'. Quite how anyone actually achieves this dubious accolade is anyone's guess, but it's not the sort of thing you'd wish upon your daughter. Forget Vera Lynn, real forces' sweethearts have their chebs & flaps out on the walls and lockers of our fighting men. Not so Katherine... yet.

Katherine was discovered by top pop impresario and vigilante Michael Winner whilst on a trip to Swansea. Young Kate was found battered and drunk in a bus shelter humming Welsh folk ballads. So immediately taken with her haunting voice was he, that he whisked her off to the Seychelles on his private jet for a scrub up and a bit of voice coaching.

Jenkins has been described as the product of an unholy alliance twixt Placido Domingo and Barbie, her booming, baritone wail setting off car alarms at a hundred metres. However, it's her other assets that have secured her place on the walls of barrack blocks throughout the Empire - notably her top chebs.


She's the one on the left. The other babe is Natasha Kaplinsky. This image was taken just seconds before the pair ripped off their gowns and started licking each others' tits in a sordid Lesbian frenzy that shocked startled onlookers... probably.