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Either the most brilliant troll we've seen for a while, or actually a dribbling Serb with a fixation for throwing children into steel rolling mills.

Appeared on-site late on the evening of 14th June 2008 and led with this fine opening, entitled 'British Go Home!'

The Outragemeter flicked over to the right for many ARRSErs, never failing to sense what they perceive as a classic weak target, fit only for bullying, and in doing so forgot the Rules of ARRSE.

Classic Lines

This user possesses the fantastic ability to be unintentionally amusing, simply by being foreign. Some examples:

Joke: If Montenegrin does make its brandy from the grass and Slovene it does make its brandy from the raisin, then what does Turk make his brandy from? The blood of the Drina!
You prefer perhaps this message in Serb language? English not sole language of this world. Realise this, imperialist!
Joke: Where does the British soldier he keep his rifle? Underneath his shovel!!
From outside I can declare: Britain is simply a yoghurt that believes himself human.
Serbia known many countries for brave soldiers and loving humanity. Britain only reknown for teletubbies.
The_Lord_Flasheart: I bathe you with the cheese of my penis, midget-gourd.

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