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KFC in its natural habitat - the bucket!

The foodstuff (and I use the word food loosely) formerly known as Kentucky Fried Chicken. In keeping with the trend for re-branding, it was decided that the adoption of a TLA was a prudent move in the face of falling sales and it appears to have worked. Though there are many imitators, KFC are the original and, some would say, best.

Classic KFC are deep fried pieces of deceased poultry (allegedly) seasoned with the Colonel's secret recipe - whatever that is... and the mind does boggle when one's experienced some mess nights. The mental image of a snowy-haired, bearded and bespectacled retired officer, cheerfully grinning as he cracks one off over a box of rubber chicken is enough to put one off fast food forever.

That said, KFC is the ideal post-exercise scoff. After a diet of compo a bargain bucket is culinary heaven (second only to Bacon Grill), but such luxury comes at a price. Such a massive dietary shock can only result in a severe case of the shits - not dissimilar to a Beer Arse - but without the ale involved.

Sometimes referred to as:

Several times in the last few years patrons have received Kentucky Fried Rat by accident ... although no-one has been charged extra as yet.

Not to be confused with Kentucky Fried Movie, a seminal Skit movie from 1977 including the pant wettingly funny 'Catholic High School Girls in Trouble' and 'A Fistful of Yen'.