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JuniorSlug. Is the sister of Dale the Snail. Falls asleep often and is a admin vortex. Eats, sleeps, eats some more, then sleeps again. Is worried that people on ARRSE will pick on her for being the Slug's sister, but need not fret. Dale will make mincemeat out of anyone who tries to bring it on.

Only found out today why an egg banjo is called an egg banjo (bless her)

Has bigger norks than Jordan.

Is for sale for 20 shiny pee.

Is also a fireman, or a marine biologist, mechanical engineer, or a brickie - depending on the mood. I don't know where she gets it from..............

Also makes her big sister tea!!!! But is broken. I will fix her (Dale)

Also has my arrse as an avatar ....good girl - Adon xx