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Jungle - Steaming, sweaty hell-hole full of crawly & bitey things. One of the natural habitats of THEM.

Jungle - also known as Ulu and Bondhu - comes in four flavours:

  • Primary jungle. Everything wants to either bite you and/or eat you.
  • Secondary jungle. Not quite as jungly as the first type and much less hassle to negotiate through. Still full of bitey things.
  • Tertiary jungle. Primary jungle that's been laid waste by loggers.
  • Concrete jungle. See Swindon.

Jungles, on the whole, are quite exciting places - especially if were brought up on a diet of Lion and Victor comics. The novelty of playing explorer quickly evaporates after 24 hours - or after your first night under the canopy. You will be permanently wet, your feet and all your kit will start to rot, you will smell like a vagrant's ballbag within a matter of hours and, as has already been mentioned, all of God's creations wish to devour you. (where's your 'God loves us' now?)

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