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Julian Clary

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Natural Born Mincer

A British comedian who is so openly gay that gay people find themselves stopping and pointing in amazement. He is well known for his stereotypical camp style and his entire act revolves around innuendo and (quite frankly) single entendres.

He started his comedy career on the alternative comedy scene in the early 1980s as The Joan Collins Fanclub with Fanny the wonder Dog (a mongrel who sat on a stool and did nothing). His costumes were borderline bondage and extremely risque for 1980's tv.

A great lover of lines like 'I like a warm hand upon my entrance.' after entering to applause.

During a live broadcast of the 1993 British Comedy Awards ceremony and before the nine o'clock watershed, Julian came out with the line 'I've just been fisting Norman Lamont'. It got a great reception at the time but a nasty backlash particularly from professional cnut Gary Bushell.

None of this has ever stopped him from being a regular on UK tv.

His wesite is here

An Arrsers personal tale

Julian used to live in a flat financed by chickenpunks shady dealings. Both used to meet up and be serviced in the glory holes in and around Kensington.

Julian decided he wanted a real man and moved on to fisting Norman Lamont. Chickenpunk disguised his 'other side' by ordering a Thai bride and borrowing friends children for public showings etc.

Chickenpunk, never got over Julian leaving and despite flings with Kenny Everett, Dale Winton and that little camp cnut from Bronski beat craves the man that rejected him.

In a final attempt to win back Julians heart Chickenpunk volunteered for a tour with 3 Para Mortars it was only here that he got over him and moved on...... no idea why or what happened, just heard rumours