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Joint CIMIC Group

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The Joint CIMIC Group (JCG) recruit the following:

Ex Regular/Ex TA (within 2 years of discharge ideally although not set in stone). Current TA looking for an E2 opportunity if their current tenure is coming to an end.

Candidates require to complete a selection weekend (2 a year) which gives the individuals a chance to look at us and for us to look at them. By no means a 'tick in the box'.

Completion of the CIMIC Practitioners Course (2 a year) which is a 2 week course run by the JCG including 2 weekends to bring you up to 15 days camp. The weekends cover MATTs.

The training requirement is 19 days per year (specialist unit), 15 in camp, 4 out of camp.

Lots of opportunities for mobilisation, all volunteers for mob will be looked at. Mob will be based on experience in the role and fitness. The deployed personnel all train to infantry levels of fitness and PDT because that is who they patrol with - take note.