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John Urwin

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John Urwin

John Urwin is the author of The Sixteen (2004) - the true story of an organisation so secret that not even its members knew they were in it. Urwin – himself (unsurprisingly) a former member - gives a fascinating and almost unbelievable insider account into the unit’s clandestine methods and operations in his rip-roaring actioner.

John Urwin was apparently head-hunted whilst undertaking basic training for National Service. Destined to be a chunkie, Urwin was lured away from conventional army life in to a murky world of assassination and government-sanctioned murder in the Middle East.

After highly specialised training in Unarmed Combat, the use of non-issue weapons and an ultra secret ‘fear elimination’ technique Urwin – codenamed ‘Geordie’- was posted to the island of Cyprus – then a British colony – and was sent on Top Secret missions, including assassinations made to look like robberies or suicides.

In The Sixteen Urwin reveals for the first time the role he played in the successful assassination of key figures to protect British secret agents in their struggle against Greek-Cypriot EOKA renegades. The reader is introduced to Chalky, Smudge, Taffy and other dozen members of the group as they embark on missions where their secrecy, skills, and total professionalism made them proud to be a part of The Sixteen. They make the SAS look positively gay.

Following the success of the book, John formed the Urwin Combat System (UCS). The Urwin Combat System has been developed to help those fighting the War on Terror. Subsequently, UCS Ltd. was formed and the company provides unique counter terrorist training such as escape & evasion, close protection, emergency medicine, covert infiltration, intelligence gathering and communications to a variety of clients.

Unsurprisingly, nobody has ever heard of such a unit - even those that were actually in it. In fact, what John has done is to invoke Clause 2 of Walting With Confidence and invent his own secretive organisation. Still, better than admitting being in the RPC I suppose. John Urwin lives in Newcastle and is obviously insane.

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