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John Major

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John Major

Former Conservative Party Prime Minister (1990-97) and regarded as the 'Grey Man' of British politics, John Major was characterised as being grey (literally) with a penchant for a pea-based diet.

Endlessly lampooned in Private Eye magazine for being boring and dull. He proved a lot less boring when shockingly it transpired that he'd been having a steamy affair with Edwina Currie - a former member of his Cabinet. One of those moments when the world gets its nice safe preconceptions slapped about a bit. This led to the widely appreciated joke 'What's grey and smells of curry? Answer: John Major's Penis'

Oooh yeees! Dirty bugger - and a lucky one too, as I'd certainly have given her manners - especially over the saddle of that Harley in her leathers. Saucy cow!

Here's Johnny: John Major