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A member of one of the world's largest organised religions.

Usually first in line to be blamed for anything when a failing state/militant bloodthirsty religion needs an enemy within/without. As a result the Jews have become quite resilient with 2000 years of persecution/extermination/inquisition under their belt. This resilience can manifest itself in several ways including superior work ethic, financial acumen, political influence and if all else fails, air strikes.

Current enemies of Judaism is Islam, the BBC and the Guardian plus its bleeding heart readership.

Currently the Jews resident in Israel are in a pissing match with the Palestinians resident in the Gaza Strip. For example...

  • The Palestinians lob 20 or 30 unguided missiles into Israel's civilian population with the view to randomly killing jews ... the world says nothing.
  • When the much more accurate counterstrike goes the other way and kills terrorists (and some civilians the terrorists use as human shields) ... you can't get peace from the BBC's whining and 144 point screaming front page headlines in the Guardian.

Alternatively ...

On the flip side, according to David Icke Jews are allied with Space Lizards and The Illuminati in a coalition to rule the world (The Protocols of the Elders of Zion) ... so I guess that makes the persecution, WW2 genocide and the BBC's anti-jewish bias ok then!