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The Big man's son...

... he is also the Big man himself...

... and something about an imaginary friend?

Jewish. Tried to teach people lessons through story rather than confusing them with cold hard rules (ala Moses). However, when asked his views on the Ten Commandments he decided to change some of their original meanings. Bearing in mind that Jesus is God and the Ten Commandments were handed to Moses from God one of two things happened; 1)God made a mistake. 2)He got bored.

Jesus was executed after people got a little too annoyed with his whole 'give love a chance' vibe. It is said that the reason why Jesus, being God, allowed himself to be executed instead of simply Kung Fu fighting his way out of the quagmire, was that he died to remove original sin from all those who were born and all those who will be born. Sounds about right, bearing in mind what his teachings said. However, the idea of original sin was not concieved until several hundred years after his execution, by one St Augustine (need conformation on that being the particular saint).

Jesus is always referred to as our savior and indeed is always looked upon as a thoroughly nice chap.

Funny that no-one ever bothers to bring up the time he cursed a fig tree because it was out of figs.

Looks a bit like 70's Spam rocker Ted Nugent did in his prime. Dresses like a hippy. As skilled at magic as Paul Daniels (fishes/loaves, walking on water) and nearly as good as Billy Graham at evangelising). Has his own chat show on South Park.