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Jesters, what can be said about this place? Hmm, words can not explain!

A popular night spot down 'Union Street' in Plymouth that attracts many a matelot, bootie and the occasional squaddie losing his way from the Citadel.

Could be made famous for the hordes of unemployed single mothers looking to latch onto any half decent (drunk) man in uniform.

Also good for necking down the 2 for 1 offer before 11pm most nights.

If you do ever venture into Jesters, make sure you say hi to Andy the DJ, good lad but has a habit of perving the ladies from his box!

The sticky carpets were a nightmare! And occasionaly the barmaids were too, rumour has it most of them failed basic training!

News in; Jesters has received a much over due make over! Any one who is attending this fine 'cattle drive' please feel free to indulge us with the pictures!