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Jane Fonda

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Pinko commie babe ... and I would (even now)

Actress, political activist and GILF (born December 21, 1937)

Incredibly hot spam actress in the 1960's, she seriously blotted her copybook by being a pinko commie and opposing the administration over Vietnam.

Compounded this with a mahoosive mistake in having her piccie taken sitting astride an AA gun (see below) outside of Hanoi when american airmen where being shot out of the sky. She regretted this in later years and has repeatedly apologised to vets and POW's.

Has been outspoken over feminist issues, native americans, palestinians and was anti Iraq war.

As you can imagine ... not well liked by Republicans.

... and a few delightful quotes from Hanoi Jane

  • "I'm very honored to be a guest in your country, and I loudly condemn the crimes that have been committed by the U.S. Government in the name of the American people against your country. A growing number of people in the United States not only demand an end to the war, an end to the bombing, a withdrawal of all U.S. troops, and an end to the support of the Thieu clique, but we identify with the struggle of your people. We have understood that we have a common enemy: U.S. imperialism."
- Jane Fonda, 1972
  • "To the U.S. servicemen who are stationed on the aircraft carriers in the Gulf of Tonkin, those of you who load the bombs on the planes should know that those weapons are illegal. And the use of those bombs or condoning the use of those bombs, makes one a war criminal."
- Jane Fonda, 1972
  • "I'm not a pacifist. I understand why the Vietnamese are fighting . . . against a white man's racist aggression. We know what U.S. imperialism has done to our country so we know what lies in store for any third world country that could have the misfortune of falling into the hands of a country such as the United States and becoming a colony ... You know that when Nixon says the war is winding down, that he's lying."
- Jane Fonda, six months before Nixon ended the Vietnam War

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