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James Blunt

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James Blunt

Bill Bailey describes Blunt thusly:

"EVIL. EVVIIIIILLLL. Actually, i feel sorry for him, as he has to wake up every day and think to himself 'Oh God, i'm James Blunt, what a day...'"

Born James Warneford Calligula Bluntisham on 29th February, 1975 in the county of Norfolk, the Norwich-born singer-songwriter achieved notoriety in 2005 upon the release of his single You're Bootiful. His style is a mix of thrash-blues-techno-rockabilly with heavy disco overtones.

Along with vocals, Blunt performs on the hurdy gurdy and bagpipes. He is signed to Beer Arse Records - a US label. Blunt has won two BOFTA Awards as well as a plethora of badges he's obtained whilst at school and serving in the army. His album Naked Bar bombed on release and was heavily criticised for its questionable content.

Prior to embarking on a 'career' in music, Blunt was an officer in the elite 49 Para unit of the British Army, and served as far afield as Bovington and Sennelager. It was whilst posted to the latter that Blunt met Jessica Swallows - a Hannover prostitute and performer in adult films. Of consequence Blunt 'got a taste' for fit birds with enormous tits and has bedded several since.

While Blunt has spent most of his life living in Essex and Wales, his primary residence is now on the Spanish island of Ibiza, where he penned many of his soulful dirges. He is a regular in Manumission, where he can often be seen in the Bollocky Buff off his tits on something or other.