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To some, an idyllic tropical island nestled in the balmy waters of the Caribbean. To others, a crime infested shit hole full of Yardies and weeded-up Rastas.

Once a lair of pirates, the island was blagged by the British in 1655 and became a Crown Colony. This lasted until 1962 when Jamaica was granted its independence. Needless to say, three hundred years of colonial rule has left its mark and a certain 'Britishness' is still much in evidence.

This is especially so in the Jamaica Defence Force, where the influence of the British Army is obvious.

Contrary to popular belief, the island's inhabitants do not all look like the below illustration, as the island also numbers whites amongst its population. To the uninitiated they can seem something of an anomaly - with their rich Jamaican accents being seemingly at odds with their appearance. Don't worry, they are not taking the piss.

Monique Barracks is allegedly a shit hole and some would say it's better off (and cleaner) living in a Basher.

Jamaica is also home of the Queens Ganja Rifles (a wholly fictitious and pointless unit) and Rastafarians - one of whom can be seen in the below illustration. His glazed look can be due to one or two things:

  • He's bombed off his swede on weed, or...
  • He's longing for the glorious days when the Big White Queen ruled his land.

I'm betting on the former rather than the latter.