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Jack Straw

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They were this big!

For once, I'd like to write a testimonial to a great and worthy individual who had pursued a career in politics for means other than his own. This ain't it!

Instead, this is yet another diatribe junking a politician. Jack Straw. What can you say? A former Home & Foreign Secretary whose achievements can be fitted on to a beermat.

Straw is probably the only individual in the entire history of British politics to 'conscientiously object' to service in the CCF when he was at school - a card-carrying leftie from Day 1. Quality material and ideally suited for what was to come I say: lawyer - surprise surprise!

For Home Secretary read useless failure: his tenure tempered by the human rights legislation that issued forth from Brussels, which, in effect nullified anything that he dreamt up.

The office of Home Sec. has been pretty much a useless one throughout the Bliar incumbency, with Straw's successors achieving even less than he did. Not only is he a useless politician, he isn't much of a father either.

Has in recent days tried to curry favour with the electorate when he expressed the desire to smack Ed Balls after a heated row.

Verdict: Must try harder. 2/10 (but Good Drills on wanting to smack Balls)

More here: Useless Cnut

Interestingly, 'Jack Straw's Castle' is a pub on the edge of Hampstead Heath in North London, adjacent to the area known as 'Gobbler's Gulch' where gentlemen of the homosexual persuasion pursue random sexual encounters with total strangers.

It must be pointed out that in no way is any insinuation being made that Jack himself is a shirtlifter. The name of the pub is merely co-incidental ... probably.