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JPA is an MLA for Joint Personnel Administration

Rolled out with much fanfare, JPA is the brilliant concept of piling administrative responsibility firmly on the shoulders of the end user - thus saving millions on office bods. The big balloon, however, rapidly deflated when it all went horribly wrong: the new system being implemented without the back up of the old one. Now there's clever. Individual records quickly disappeared in to the electronic ether never to be seen again - well... that's what happened in the RAF anyway. A total cake & arse party ensued, with hapless airpersons feverishly rewriting their service histories.

Another downside to JPA is that the days of sloping off down to your PD Point in Gen Office (under the auspices of a travel claim or allowance query) are well and truly over. Logging on doesn't quite hold the same allure as swanning off work (for an hour or so) to chat up the blonde bird in SHQ.

This particular downside has backfired spectacularly.


Nobody ever bothered to claim for the small things like a £3.99 missed meal claim due to the inconvenience of having to write a form out in triplicate, get the Colonel to sign it, be refused, have it buried, write it out again, attach three photocopies of the receipt, be refused, write it out again, find that the the Admin Office is closed for a "Docs Check", leave it in an in tray to be ignored, then finally lost when someone is posted, write it out again, go back to the CO to have him sign the form, find that the Admin Office is now closed due to an MCCP, finally manage to find a clerk, trap his fingers in the sliding glass window before he can mouth "We're fucking closed, you stroker," whilst pointing to a clock that clearly says 16:25, then finally submit your claim and wait six weeks before it is refused because you missed out a small checkbox on the form that was in size 1 font.

JPA Login

You'd imagine after all this time that JPA would be available over the internet or Defence Gateway but unfortunately that still hasn't been achieved. In order to log on you need to go via a MODNet computer.

Post JPA

Miss a Meal through service reasons. Keep receipt. During NAAFI break spend five minutes putting in your claim. Money goes in your bank.

Post Post JPA

Realise that everyone will now bother their arrse to claim those £3.99. Bang on about fraud on Part Ones to scare people into not bothering. Create massive audit trail for a guy who bought a £3.99 Happy Meal whilst obviously entitled to it. Money saved from the public purse can now be used to fund a Second Home.

Still, it can't be a bad thing, it's keeping someone in a job.