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An Issue is a problem, something that needs resolving. Usually quickly.

Issues are usually bad things, The Middle East is an Issue, North Korea is an Issue, Zimbabwe is an Issue.

Issues are what you make them, ie, "you're making an Issue of it"

Politicians also make lots of Issues, Climate Change and Carbon Footprint are the latest Green Issues to tax the minds of the political elite. In reality it is merely a cunning wheeze to tax the pockets of Joe Public. After all there is more greenhouse gasses escaping from the arse of cows and sheep than all the Chelsea Tractors on the planet, but you don't see them rushing to off to ban bovine creatures, or slap a Green Tax on bovine flatulence do you??

Muslims have a host of Issues that they can take offence at, at the drop if the proverbial hat or kufi as the case may be, for a further explanation of likely sources of offence for Muslims, just check out Islam.

Lesbians and homosexuals can normally be relied on to bleat on about the issues surrounding the gay community ad nauseum, ad infinitum.