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Iranian Army

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It is worth noting that the Iranian government lists 165 days a year as official days-off and the Iranian Army considers it its patriotic duty to take every one of them.

Consequently, anyone considering going to war with Iran would have to book well in advance; it would also pay to reconfirm battle arrangements on the day. Given that the Iranian Army 'doesn't do afternoons' either, all combat operations must be completed before lunchtime - this makes them ideal enemies for the RAF. Aim for a cessation-of-hostilities by about 1100hrs (extendable to 1200hrs if Iranian Forces are given a mid-morning Ashi-Mashi break).

If planning a night attack, remember that all opposing Iranian units will need to be allowed a long lie-in on the morning after.

For a more considered view of the Iranian Army the facts may be examined. During the Iran-Iraq War (strangely ignored by the West) they exhibited bravery and determination in spades. Tactical competence however escaped them most of the time. The obscenity of the Mullahs handing children plastic keys "to paradise" and then sending them off to clear minefields was another highlight. Despite all the Soviet, French, US and Middle Eastern support Saddam Hussein received, despite the Iraqi chemical attacks the Iranians still kept coming.

It would be a foolish man indeed who counted on the Iranian Army lacking the resolve to die defending their country. The question is whether or not they are competent enough to do so in a tactically useful manner.


All above points taken, but, having worked with them for two years, I know they do have limitations that are not their fault: they are under-equipped, and underpaid. Very brave men, certainly the war-veterans still serving, and deserving of better. There is no doubt they would defend their country to the last, and no-one with any sense should make the same mistake Saddam made and assume otherwise. However: in peacetime, although they're a great and friendly bunch to work with, it can be frustrating at times. I would have no objection to this entry being removed. It was perhaps a mistake: and we all make them.