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Full of 60 million shiites

Iran is a country situated to the East of Iraq, to the West of Afghanistan, to the South of bits of the old USSR and to the North of the Indian Ocean.

Originally populated by Persians - who are NOT Arabs - and they will tell you in no uncertain terms if you cock this up.

Iran is much bigger than Iraq and is currently having some issues with the Western powers such as America and the UK, with regards to nuclear power, which may be a front for a nuclear weapons programme.

The Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has pissed off the Germans by declaring that the holocaust was a Western invention. Jews and Germans in agreement about who deserves a shoeing? Who would have thought it? In June 2009 he stood for re-election and predicted he'd get 64% of the vote ... Amazingly he got 63.9%. The world, his opponents and the majority of the voters said "WTF?"

Iran also had a very long and costly war against Iraq (see Iran-Iraq War), which was due to Iraq's belief that Iran would be a pushover, due to the Islamic revolution of 1979 in Iran. This was a very big mistake!

Opinions vary about the Iranian Army , but they are well trained, motivated, have loads of modern kit (ironically much of it US) and there's millions of 'em. That said, the Iraqis were pretty much in a similar position in '90/'91, so...?