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Int Nuisance

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A broadbrush term used to describe various types of individuals, including:

  1. The kind of people who complain to the Ministry of Defence that their local ACF hut houses a transmitter which is beaming microwaves at them so that their thoughts can be controlled by the people who are talking to them through their television sets.
  2. The kind of people who regularly report that their neighbours, Mr and Mrs Scringeforth of 32, The Avenue, Surbiton, Surrey, are long-term Spetznaz sleepers and demand that the Guard Commander at 341 Mess-tin Repair Detachment, RLC, arrests them.
  3. The kind of people who believe that the aliens who abducted and gave them a brutal anal probe live in a secret underground base guarded by the army near __________ (insert name of garrison town).
  4. The kind of people who generate work for security sections, barrack guards, MOD Police, MPGS etc etc by persistently attempting to gain access to military premises for dubious commercial, social or sexual reasons.