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Installation Technician

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Formerly the Telecommunications Mechanic

Installation Technicians are the network specialists for all 3 services. They plan, install and maintain the physical element of communications infrastructure.

The traditional role of telephony systems has undergone major changes in the last 10 years and the Installation Technician has had to change to keep apace with the many new technologies employed to provide VOICE and DATA systems to the user.

The main areas of responsabilities are,

Copper distribution

 Underground - Fixed network multipair cable distribution
 Overhead (PLOH) - Fixed network multipair cable distribtion
 Internal - Fixed voice block wiring (POTS)
   Electronic Switching Systems (ESS) Intercoms. 

Fibre Optic distribution

 External/Internal - The installation, testing and maintainance of multicore Multimode and Singlemode Fibre Optic cabling.
 Connectorisation - STPC/FCPC/SC/MTRJ Optical Connectors


 Installation,testing and maintainance of structured cabling networks UTP and Fibre Optic distribution.

Telephone Exchanges


Phase 2 training is 12 months long and soldiers can achieve high level civilian qualifications.

Phase 3 training is 6 months long. The soldier will specialise in the planning and optomisation of network distribution.


Only happy when fully employed, will whinge like an old fish wife. If whinges cease, reload with trunking and cable as required.