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AKA Ground Recce Unit Not Trainable. The most important trade in an Army. The guys that lug all the kit, close with and kill the enemy. Unfortunatly, they're also the guys that bear the greatest losses and are held in a lower regard by most.

Rapidly becoming a rare beast to spot due to Tony Bliar scattering them about the globe, Gordon Brown refusing to fund, MOD refusing to adequately equip, Taliban taking pot shots at them, terrorists trying to blow them up and Spams refusing to let them go home.

If you're one of these brave and dashing individuals (being the grotty Lance Jack Storeman dosen't count), then add one of these to your profle: Template:Infanteer

Sadly, most infantrymen are not particularly dashing, a result of them having plastic knees, hips and ankles after years of carrying "man portable" weapon systems like MILAN and LAW about the place. They do, however, get a proper cob-on about being called "infanteers". Infant ears being something they might make a necklace of.

The infantryman's symbol is the bayonet, as it exemplifies the aggression, determination and commitment required during dismounted close combat. The bayonet has been declared too "unsafe" to train with, because it keeps breaking and falling off, but the Weapon Defect Committee has kindly allowed for its continued use on operations as the MoD is too tight to fund a replacement. Conveniently, therefore, it also exemplifies how undervalued the infantryman's skills tend to be.