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Indian Mutiny

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... and two Lamb Kashmiris and a bottle of Fanta!

Variously described as the First War of Independence, the Sepoy Rebellion and the Bradford Giro Riots, the Indian Mutiny was a rather nasty affair and a sad chapter in what was otherwise a glorious and unblemished history of the British Empire.

It all kicked off after a the Princes of Oude whipped up a few malcontents within the Honourable East India Company's forces by telling them that their cartridges were greased with both cow and pig fat - 'conveniently' pissing off both camps: Hindu and Muslim. It was rather more complicated than that, but this is generally the accepted (and more simplistic) reason.

Anyhow, they fell for it and up it went - elements of the Bengal Army mutinied at Meerut and the garrison and their dependents and followers were massacred at Cawnpore. Nasty ol' business too. The 150th anniversary in 2007 saw much apologising from the filthy Imperialist British pigdogs... the Guardianisti in particular.

Did see the introduction of the ASBO for the first time: the Artillery Shot through Body Order - where the miscreant was strapped to the nasty end of a cannon and it was test fired. Excellent results experienced with this punishment as there was a 0% occurrence of re-offending.

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