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Heil Hitler.....Ooops I mean I-Kea!

World wide brand of home and DIY goods of Swedish origin. Although Ikea appears to be a family-friendly furniture store, its been suggested it may have Nazi links.

The Conspiracy of Ikea and its possibly Nazi intentions

  • Founded in 1943 (during WW2) in Sweden by a then teen aged nazi supporter Ingvar Kamprad who previously worked as a matchbox seller in his home village (obviously possibility of helping anti-semetic arsonists there)
  • Arrows are splattered around the corridor floors somewhat telling you to conform (obey orders - sound familiar?).
  • Ikea stores always have vertically flying flags hanging from their flagpoles (See Nuremberg Rally for details).
  • During 1996, Ikea aired a television advert releasing the quote "Chuck Out Your Chinz" which rhymes with "Chuck out the Chinks" (a very racist thing to think indeed). The advert featured a neighbourhood throwing decent individual furniture from peoples homes replacing it with IKEA ONLY furniture. This could be said to resemble driving jews and non-aryans from their homes onto trucks bound to death camps.
  • Ikea stores feature a kids play area/tv room known as "Little Land" (in a simulated Living Room) which is keeping da liddle kiddies ignorant of the outside real world. This move could be construed as similar to the agenda of the Hitler Youth.
  • Like Adolf Hitlers desire to rule the globe, Ikea has a worldwide business in many continents. Its growing popular with the spams, having stores in Germany, Asia, Australia etc. By 2009 the first Ikea store in Latin America will be in the Dominican Republic.
  • In 2003, the Montreal Quebec Ikea Store made the fatal mistake of trying to tell the Royal Canadian Legion that they had no room for the Poppy table. The rebuke triggered a backlash that had the store backing down and offering an apology to the Veterans and the Legion.

The only good side of Ikea is the cafe section as they do make some nice food although served on striped dinnertrays and tables, but the author would rather stick with the good old Fish 'n' Chips innit.

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