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Idi Amin

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Best King Scotland ever had.

Former president of Uganda and basket case of the first order - and a prime example of what happens when a nightmare becomes reality.

Former colonial soldier and boxing champion of the King's African Rifles, Idi Amin Dada [Nails name, that is.] joined the fledgling officer corps of the newly independent former British Protectorate of Uganda, quickly rose through the ranks (aided by some Waltish colonial chancers) and transformed almost overnight in to a despotic monster with a penchant for human flesh.

Idi became famous in the the UK in 1977 when he landed unannounced at Heathrow and demanded to be taken straight to Buck House to complain to the Queen about his increasingly bad press. Cue unprecendented FCO ring-cleanchings.

Idi was famously known for his sense of humour: awarding himself the VC and amputating the limbs off of his missus and sewing them back arse-about-face for the edification and benefit of their son. All the rest is eye-watering history: Uganda descended in to genocidal anarchy and it was all our fault. That's Africa folks!

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