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Oakenfold mixed eight dozen of these.

A Spanish island in the Mediterranean Sea whose chief exports are trendy urban metrosexuals, shitty trance music, and more gay men than you could shake a stick at. People go here to get extremely high, drunk, or both.

Ibiza is full of losers on ecstasy, fake-tanned harpies from Sheffield off their tits on anti-freeze and lisping Spaniards. Pronounced "Ee-bee-thuh," not "Ee-bee-zuh." Mispronounce it and you'll be shot by the homosexual techno elitists, before having your lifeless carcass fucked to even more death by some desperate, overweight harridan in a thong.

Noteworthy arrsepedian Buck Felize spent two balmy weeks on the barmy isle on an 18-30 Holiday and did not get laid. This was no accident, but rather design... after he'd clocked the gaggle of 15st. cowboy-hatted munters that shared his bijou place of residence. He is thus probably one of only a very small handful ever to have ventured to this Mediterranean idyll and returned largely intact. No mean feat.