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Human Rights

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Originally a law intended to protect people from being tortured, treated as sub-human, abused or discriminated against, Human Rights today covers absolutely anything that someone thinks they deserve - usually without having earned it. They are entitled to it because... blah, blah, blah.

To compound the problem - and like so many other things, Human Rights got the EU treatment and it now means that almost anything that stops anyone doing anything is likely to be a breach of someone's 'human rights' (at least in the minds and bank accounts of some whingeing lawyers i.e. Cherie Blair). Invariably, HR legislation only applies to the scrotes and piss-takers of society. For example:

  • Deportation of foreign convicted criminals
  • Deportation of illegal immigrants
  • Removal of illegal Gypsy encampments

All of the above have been contested under the HR banner and been successful. Needless to say, there are hundreds of examples of these distorted claims and this page would be easily filled.

So, everyone (in theory) has got these rights - especially people who are being 'oppressed' (even if it's only in their own minds). The only person that does not have access these rights is you! Your only recourse is to pen a stiff missive to the Daily Mail highlighting your plight - 'cause nobody gives a shyte about yo white nigga middle class ass. You could also try Watchdog.

In the dim, distant future, the adoption of the Human Rights ethic will be seen as the evolutionary way-point at which civilisation disappeared up its own arse. The time will come when the very act of murder or genocide will be seen as mere 'self-expression' - the most basic of human rights. It will also (more than likely) qualify the killer/s for an Arts Council grant. Mad? We'll see.