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Human Race

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How it started ... allegedly!

Quite probably the most deranged and fucked up creature in the entire Galaxy. Rest assured there's probably more out there in the deepest reaches of the cosmos, but the Human Being is by far the most dangerous, unpredictable and destructive - especially after a slab of Stella. I would not want to pick a fight with this particular inhabitant of the Solar System, no siree.

As for that spitting, hissing thing in Alien, or that blurry Predator thing? Yeah, quite nails, but who had 'em in the end? Sigourney Weaver and Arnie - who, the last time I looked, are both humans. So, who's the fookin' daddy?

The genetic structure of the human being is basically that of a talking chimp (see George W Bush)... no matter what the fundies would like us to believe. Chimps are deeply embarrassed by this fact.

GWAR's, Sergeant Majors and politicians are from a cadet branch of the family. Still as mental, scarey and sleazy as true humans ... only more so!