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Household Cavalry Regiment

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The Household Cavalry is the senior regiment of the British Army and is made up of The Life Guards and The Blues and Royals. Known as "donkey wallopers" by the rest of the Army.

Can be seen riding their Herbivores around Hyde Park on most given days, they do a most useful job of cutting the grass and scaring runners.

Envied by the rest of the RAC for their selfless commitment in everything they do, they have been involved in every conflict the country has seen since the Regiment's creation. This is usually commanded from the HQ element in Knightsbridge. Well I mean you wouldn't want to actually GO to the war now would you?

Since the forming of the Regiment to the present day, the Regiment has been at the spearhead of the British Army doing the tasks which other RAC units are not trusted to do. Like standing still near Buckingham palace.

They're not entirely sure what they do. They're cavalry, yet some do an infantry job, some go off parading around London and some seem to think they're Paras. This all leads to a lot of confusion and in the end they normally end up just having a dinner in St James's Park.

The regiment has one squadron (the mighty D) attached to 16 Air Assault Brigade. This squadron is made up of the cream of the Regiment, men of courage and honour who show no fear in the face of the enemy. Usually because they're still having dinner in St James's Park blissfully unaware of the war at hand.

Those wishing to enlist should be of peak physical condition, brave and intelligent and sexual desire for horses is also required, oh and a desire to stand still for long periods of time. Romantic dreams of riding through Romania whipping peasants is a no go unfortunately.

If you do not meet the above criteria then the Light Dragoons is always a better option.

As someone once said "The cavalry.... I think you'll find they're not as good as they think they are..."

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