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Horror Bag

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All the fun of an Army packed lunch in a paper bag whipped up by a Cabbage Mechanic and dished out by the Q Man when Range Stew is just too much to ask for.

The Horror Bag will usually contain:

  • A pack of two badly made sandwiches, one of which will undoubtedly be egg & mayonnaise, (nine times out of ten, one of these will contain Mystery Fish).
  • A packet of Cheap Flavourless Crisps.
  • Either a Kit-Kat, Blue Riband, Penguin biscuit or Waggon Wheel (depending on how far the budget is stretched for that month).
  • An apple covered in bruises.
  • And finally a Panda Cola of some description.

The process of swapping food with your mucker to get a combination of the above that is almost edible, merely disguises the fact that Horror Bags are, in fact, crap and serves no real purpose except to make the Cabbage Mechanic feel appreciated.

These death packs also have the added advantage of making you look like a dosser with his liquid lunch.

See also: Sandhurst Packed Lunch, Haversack Rations and White Box of Death.

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