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The food is average (and gets worse the later you get your order), the beer is expensive and the pool table is a pound a go. Why do we go then? Because it's full of rather nice young ladies who wear tight tops and Hot Pants. They're also rather flirty trying (and usually suceeding) to get tips out of sad, desperate punters. Can also be found at some sporting venues in the States serving in open air bars (i.e. Texas Stadium, Dallas; Baltimores football stadium).

Unoffical Motto: If you like your women busty, flirty, smelling of stale beer and B-B-Q sauce stained, this is the pub for you.

The only UK venue is in Nottingham: Hooters

Hint & Tip: If you think that one of the birds wants you, but is playing hard to get, don't grab her tits while your mate is taking a photo. She tells all her mates what a drunken letch you are (even if it's true) and any chance you had goes right out the window.