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The Home Office leads a national effort to protect the public from terror, crime and anti-social behaviour. They secure our borders and welcome legal migrants and visitors. They safeguard identity and citizenship, and help build the security, justice and respect that enable people to prosper in a free and tolerant society.

At least that what it says on the tin... the reality is somewhat different.

  • Our borders have been porous for years, its so bad the Gov actually have no idea how many immigrants (legal and illegal) are within our borders. Illegal immigrants have even been found working in the Home Office and the House of Commons.
  • War on Terror legislation are rapidly becoming default laws to be applied against a wide range of events. Note the word events, they don't even need to be crimes for the Terrorism laws to be used. From the use of anti-terrorism police officers used to arrest a Tory member of parliament to applying anti-terrorism financial laws against Iceland when its banks went bust... it's not about protecting us, it's about control.
  • Recently some 42,000 criminals were released from prison having served no where near their debt to society. There's no space in the jails, whose capacity Labour didn't bother to expand when they brought in 3000 new laws (an attempt to criminalize the entire country?) in the last 10 years.

If you are feeling particularly masochistic and would like to peruse details on the current Home Secretary Click Here

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