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"Holidays 4 heroes” is an informal group of serving and retired personnel from all the UK Armed Forces and civilian supporters. “Holidays 4 heroes” organises holidays for wounded Service personnel and their families and the families of those who have lost loved ones. “Help them out” is an associated activity which assists ex-Service personnel who have fallen on hard times.

Please visit our fundraising Bear at for details.

  • The Bear Stuff all started here ... [1]
  • And carried on here ... [2]

Report - December '08 is now live, we have a dedicated account, a dedicated website with two very clear paths forward. The Holidays will continue, we’ll probably block book accommodation for the entire summer, or as much as we can afford. Units are now more aware of us and will be able to assist in airfares etc.

We’ll also continue to act as a QRF and stop gap, reacting quickly to fastball welfare cases and attempt to help out where we can with varying areas of expertise and rapid cash injection where needed.

The most rewarding part has been seeing the families of injured and widows of soldiers killed in action taking up Spanish Dave’s offers of Accommodation in Spain and hearing the reactions of welfare officers, Commanding Officers and RSMs along with the friends and families on their return.

The Past 12 months:

On 9 Dec 07 a plea for help for an ex servicemen who’d fallen on hard times was posted in the NAAFI.

Within hours we’d secured enough to ensure his property was safe, within a few more hours we had enough to provide him with a Christmas, a few more hours there was enough to send him to Spain along with his family and square away their passports.

The money was still coming in so a couple of SSAFA chaps on here made me aware of others who were facing hard times so Christmas was given to them courtesy of donations made in the NAAFI bar.

The rolling stone gathered momentum and not long after the initial plea there was 9k raised. With this we managed to home, feed and find work for an ex Kings Div chap in Carlisle (He is now thriving and is playing an active role in his nippers life and holding down a job) we sent further vouchers for servicemen’s children to relieve the pressure of Christmas and also set up a kitty for Sellyoak.

Not long after, I was bombarded with calls regarding site members, members of the forces community who had found themselves for various reasons including injury in service on hard time. Spanish Dave continued to offer and donate places in Spain so a sub committee was set up and an ops room formed where plans could be made and arguments and bickering could take place.

More debt cases came in, more injured blokes who could benefit from a week in the sun spoke up and before we knew it a small amount of structure began to sneak up on us.

Meridan happened to be an IT genius and along with BFG9000 websites were made, artwork done and a whole load of scary internet stuff appeared all over the begging bowl threads, this broke up the monotony of me constantly screaming out for cash.

The response was overwhelming and for those who have been around the NAAFI here on ARRSE for more than the last year will be aware of how quickly we have been able to box off cases when they appear. To press we’ve yet to let anyone down.


How much:

In total we’ve raised £ 38,182.33 (This doesn't include £358.00 MDN is holding for the WW2 vet and his wife that were assaulted, we are awaiting a sitrep)

This is where you money was spent

- 11 serious debt cases dealt with - 2 Bankruptcy orders set aside and stopped - 3 Homeless servicemen homed, dealt with and assisted - 6 Site members assisted ( No details to be posted here for obvious reasons) - 54 families to Spain, flights, hire cars, spending money, passport fees, cleaning fees, accommodation when unavailable through donations - 2 veterans medals replaced - 6 court appearances to stop varying civil actions - Alarms, orthopedic beds, hearing appliances, blind appliances, lap tops - purchased and donated - White goods donated / bought and installed - Sellyoak Kitty established - RBL branch propped up - Covered two holiday of a lifetime trips to Los Angeles - Paid domestic energy bills / council tax for people who simply couldn’t afford it and who would either have personal belongings removed by bailiffs or have service disconnected - Given the children of KIA servicemen Birthday presents - 3 Rental bonds covered and month in advance / negotiations with Landlords and letting agents - Provided Christmas presents / food vouchers for families on hard times.

(There are a couple more, but they've not been published as they may easily be identified here on this site)


People have auctioned the most sensible to the most bizarre items with a view to fund raising, some have even auctioned themselves. This continues to be one of the favoured means as opposed to being bullied into coughing up. Niner Domestic kindly spent time making a blanket with all the Regimental cap badges on it from members pledges. Many personal and expensive items have been pledged, repledged and sent around the country all in aid of raising cash.


Special thanks to the team who do all the work. Spanish Dave for working long hours to ensure the guys have somewhere to holiday, often placing them in his own place at quite severe financial loss. Meridian and BFG9000 for massive IT and Web support, Blue_Sophist for tirelessly campaigning begging, proffing and pushing, creating and flogging pins etc. Without them the whole thing would grind to a halt because I’m a bad tempered tantrummer who sulks when things don’t go his way and who often bites off more than he can chew. I owe each of these fellas a great deal of thanks, am genuinely grateful for every moment you've spent on this project. Thank you to the COs for allowing us to launch all this from the NAAFI bar. Also Grownuprafbrat and SkiCarver for making brews, keeping us in order and dishing out noshes.

Most of all thank you to all that have contributed and made this entire thing possible. Unfortunately it’s a little difficult for me / us to pass on the gratitude from those who benefited, and to try and demonstrate to you how much ‘Helpthemout’ has assisted and improved their lives. Many of you just see a fresh thread and some words from either myself or Spanish Dave, we are the lucky ones who get to see the results. You can be assured that we wouldn’t be doing it if it wasn’t needed. We've seen many of the casualties in Spain and be under no illusion how grateful they are and how needed their time away was.

There have been some outrageously generous anonymous donators, special thanks to you guys, you know who you are.

Bank references:

One of the most amusing yet embarrassing for MDN (no, honestly...) parts of the last year has been the bank / paypal statements. These have seen him questioned by bank staff, frowned at by his accountant and freaked at from his Mrs.

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