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High Wycombe

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Largish town in Buckinghamshire, southern England, UK.

Not renowned for very much any more since most of the furniture manufacturers left. It was probably nice once, but has been overdeveloped and at risk of being turned into yet another dormitory town for those damn dirty London commuters. Curiously same effect not observed in other nearby towns such as Marlow and Amersham. Well not much.

Nearby is West Wycombe, a National Trust village once home to the "mad monks" of the 18th century, associated with Lord Nicholas Dashwood and better known as "The Hellfire Club". The Hellfire Club were renowned satanists, and met in limestone caverns which have since become a popular tourist attraction. There is also the family home of Disraeli.

There is also Strike Command, the GHQ of the Royal Air Force. Put it this way. If the Soviet Union at the height of the Cold War were only allowed to target one nuclear warhead at Britain, it would have been pointed at Strike Command, situated at Naphill, just outside of High Wycombe.

The High Wycombe locality extends to include Dawes Hill, virtually unidentifiable on maps since the USAF constructed a huge command bunker and virtual American town in the extensive grounds. The USAF have largely withdrawn as part of the so-called "peace dividend", and the local council has just (April 2008) won a £100k grant to deliberate on the future use of the site, in the full knowledge that the American Consulate has applied to move there from Grosvenor Square for enhanced security.

The town is also home to the finest football team the world has ever known: Wycombe Wanderers Football Club although it is accepted that opinions may differ on this.

Also the name of an eastern suburb of Perth, Australia, and a German techno group.