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Hi Tec

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Sliced Bread?

Psuedo combat boot first made by Hi-Tech - a sports footwear manufacturer. Seen by some as the best thing since sliced bread and others as a total waste of time, money and effort. They have the waterproofing qualities of newspaper but are comfortable and ideal for non-field use and generally cutting about barracks - if the Badge allows it of course.

Your feet, however, will sweat like a rapist in hot weather, which is whay the awfully clever people at Hi-Tech developed a desert version. These have had mixed reviews. Now not only do your feet sweat like a rapist, the soles disintegrate after ten minutes of walking over 130° concrete or hot sand.

Oooh, suits you!

They do offer the wearer some degree of allyness however, and more so than the now obsolete old pattern dessies, but serious desert warriors generally wouldn't be seen dead in a pair, preferring the infinitely more ally Meindls or Lowas.

Magnums were once, for a short time, on issue to the Dutch Army. After a winter class at our version of P Company in Schaarsbergen got back from the field with 1 out of 3 paxes having trench foot, the CO of the depot personally ordered 300 pairs of decent boots to be acquired.

Magnums are great for bimbling around barracks on a nice day and climbing obstacles though. Since they're not actually 'Boots', but actually black trainers with high shafts they're good footwear to do the assault course in. Absolutely no tabbing though; you'll grate the skin of your feet and melt the rest!

Magnums come in different models and made by various manufacturers. Some are best avoided at all costs.