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Experts in the art of the human shield

Shiite Muslim terrorist group, which - when translated - literally means party or faction of Allah. The jury is still out on that one although they do feel the need to send as many people to meet their God as possible - usually explosively.

Arch enemies are Israeli paras who routinely disrupt their favourite pastime of sending katyushas in to built up civilian areas like the heroes they are.

Hezbollah has spent several years trying to locate noteworthy ARRSEpedian Buck Felize, after a fatwah was slapped on his non-believing arse for saying naughty things about Islam. It is understood that this has since been extended to all Sysops.

Hezbollah are routinely on the receiving end of a solid shoeing from the IDF, until they start bleating about ceasefires, whose only purpose is to allow them to re-arm and give the IDF a good shoeing the next time they invade the Lebanon. <ok, once! ... next time it will be different>

To get a grasp of the mentality we are dealing with, it is advisable to read Seven Pillars of Wisdom by Colonel T.E. Lawrence,who accurately describes the Arab psyche - a bunch of cunts.