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Home of the Royal Engineers Survey and Army Topogragical Units, namely 42 Engineer Regiment.

Commonly known among the men as 'Hermitraz' this camp is home to 13 Billy Smart's Circus Squadron - and its fine body of clowns that is 16 Svy Sp Sqn RE.

Situated near Newbury, which is a local town for local people, the camp boasts the finest fleet of off-road vehicles the army has to offer - and I mean actually off the road! Newbury itself is a small town whose population consist off a gene pool which originates from one family.

Nightlife in Newbury includes the world renouned Liquids nightclub (where all are welcome except those in possesion of a MOD90) on the outskirts of the town, and also the well-known watering hole that is Venoms nightclub, which generally houses the biggest collection of chavs in the south!

Newbury is also famous for its by-pass (which unfortunatly didn't even by-pass Newbury) and of course the very famous and very smelly 'Swampy' (or sniper to his friends). 'Hermitraz' itself obviously boasts it very own Elvis lookalike in the form of Aaron 'OH BUGGER' Ashcroft.

The cuisine on offer within the camp has recently been awarded its very own Food and Hygiene safety warning certificate and was the proud recipient of a Class 5.1 ADR Certificate.

The camp is home to many characters one of which is Nige 'THE LAWNMOWER MAN' Wiscombe, who has spent the last three years of his life doing lengths of the Hermitage football pitch.