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Lap of the Gods

Hereford (pronounced HEER-ford). A town of myth and legend which more or less everyone in the entire British Army is either 'just back from' or 'just off to'. Hereford - or simply 'H' - is the spiritual home of 'Them'.

In fact it's a market town in the Welsh borders, almost entirely populated by Chavs/Pointyheads who have damaged their brains by drinking excessive quantities of cider and sniffing glue. Almost all the residents seem to work at Sun Valley gutting chickens but will claim to be one of 'Them' if asked.

On the plus side, hurricanes in Hereford hardly ever happen. It shares this good climate with Hampshire and Hartford.

The occasional member of the SAS is visible in 'Costa' on a Saturday afternoon and can be recognised by his big, bushy moustache, suntan, short hair, standard issue sideys, lightweight walking boots, jeans and expensive North Face climbing jacket - not forgetting his 'special issue' Oakleys.


Second best posting I ever had, bought my best climbing boots there. Would have been either Millets, Trekkit (formerly 'Jesson's of Eign Gate') or the Outdoor Centre.

Paradise restaurant (if still there) serves the best Malay scoff. The owner, Jo (at one time), received a couple of years nick for smuggling Thai and Malay girls in to act as waitresses.

Word of advice: don't go anywhere near McDonald's any later than 8pm on weekend because of likely ambush from local chavs ('southsiders') or tramps. [Is this part of selection?]

Just a footnote from someone born, schooled, and previously posted in Hereford. The comment at the top of this page is obviously written by someone of very limited intellect and probably has an axe to grind. If I hazard a guess that the originator has more than likely failed to pull for some considerable time.

Hereford is a border town in England - therefore on the English/Welsh border. Incidentally, less than 10% of Sun Valley employees are local and most Herefordians wouldn't drink cider if their lives depended on it. Strangely enough, glue sniffing is also somewhat extinct. Welcome to the 21st century!

Not to be confused with Herford.

See also POG

A footnote from a different Herefordshire resident, the guy above is probably talking about the terribly posh nearby county of Worcestershire. Hereford is indeed full of chavs, gluesniffers, and paedophiles. and everyone apparently knows someone in the SAS here, including children.

Hereford is also full of beggars. Never been anywhere like it for being tapped up by drunks/addicts/eejits wanting a handout of free money. A typical incident was a creature who spotted me asleep on my mate's front room sofa as she walked past the house at about 4.00am and decided to wake me up by banging on the window and ask for a couple of quid!