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Categories are the way that ARRSEPedia ensures that pages are organised by subjects. Thus for instance pages on Weapons, such as M-16, SLR and Mortar, are all grouped together. Other common categories include Dictionary and Places and Postings. Correct use of categories ensures that as the ARRSEPedia gets bigger it is easier to find pages on topics in which people are interested. It also improves the navigation round the site.

How to put a page in a category

Putting a page in a category is very simple. All you need to do is follow this simple checklist:

  • Clearly the first thing to do is decide on which category or categories your page needs to be in. This can be done by examining similar pages and/or the list of Categories. One tip though, please do not use a shotgun approach and stick your article in every single category you can think of. This is particularly relevant if a category is a sub-category of another. For instance Category:British Army, has many sub categories including Category:Territorial Army and Reserve Forces. Its unlikely that anything needs to be in more than one of those.
  • Having chosen your category (whatever in this example) you add a page to the category with the following code:

Thats it ... nice and straightforward.