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In HM Forces, helicopters are divided between the three services, with the RAF operating support helicopters, the Royal Navy (Fleet Air Arm) operating support, reconnaissance and attack helicopters and the Army operating a smaller number of attack and reconnaissance aircraft.

It is worth noting that due to the MOD consistently striving for Jointery (see also JHC and JHQ), there is now a Defence Flying School in Shropshire (Shawbury). Here pilots undergo Initial Helicopter Training on Squirrels and Griffins before progressing onto the dedicated training areas for their respective services.

See also AH-1 Cobra, Black helicopters, Bristol Belvedere, Eurocopter Tiger and Hind.

How does a helicopter work?

A helicopter flies, by whipping its rotor blades around, with such violence that the vibration caused by this force causes the earth to dispel the irritation. Thus the entire contraption levitates. Now you ask, why doesn't the rotor fly away, leaving the rest of the thing on the ground? Good question, little Grasshopper. On top of the rotor is, what us who are in the know call, the Jesusbolt. It is the bolt that keeps the rotor connected to the hull. You can see it there, sitting on top of the rotor head. When that bolt loosens, because it gets twisted around too much, the chopper falls. And so will you.

Other Reasons Helicopters Work:

  • Fairy Dust
  • Magic
  • The pilots drink the elixir of Chuck Norris before every flight
  • Every helicopter pilot is so bloody awesome that they just will the contraption to get it off the ground. The whole rotation of the rotors etc is just for show.
  • They are so ugly, they repel the ground.

(These aren't official. They were gathered from pilots first hand, during happy hour at RAF Shawbury's Officer's Mess.)